Upcoming Expo

You can view the list of upcoming expos below. We will keep adding new exhibitions pertaining to different industries regularly.

Our most commonly asked questions.

What is xporium?

Xporium is the world's first 3D virtual exhibition platform with a vision to make global exhibitions accessible for everyone through the power of technology. The goal is to build a community of buyers and suppliers and connect them through virtual exhibitions.

How do we use xporium?

Visitors and Exhibitors can register for all of our upcoming expo after signing up via our early access program. To register yourself as a user, click here.

Is it really free?

Xporium is free for visitors to register for virtual events. And as an introductory offer, it is free to use for exhibitors as well until the platform is in its beta phase.

What is Wings?

Wings is our upcoming business referral program module which will allow business people to join an exclusive group of people within their city to generate leads and help grow their sales for each others' businesses.