The new way to exhibit your business online

Virtual exhibitions empower you to showcase your business digitally to the entire world without spending tons of money, time and energy on physical exhibitions.

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Features that grow your sales

Some key highlights for exhibitors

Our exhibitor features are built with the sole aim in mind to connect buyers with suppliers seamlessly


Exhibit your business during live expo in a 3D World

Our 3D Navigation provides an audio-visual experience for visitors which almost replicates the thrill of attending physical exhibitions


Generate genuine leads from visitors

Lead Manager allows you to keep a tab on direct or indirect visitor enquiries and messages under an easy to use user interface


Create your business page for visitors

Set up your business profile to help visitors get an indepth idea about what you do. You can add your company introduction,product details, workplace photos and videos, key clientele, senior management members of your team and lots of other important data of your business


Upload all your amazing products in detail

Display your products in its full glory with images, descriptions, technical specifications and downloadable brochures


Interact with visitors in real-time

Interact via video calls in real time with visitors to develop a more trust worthy relationship. Or resolve customer queries quickly with text chat to close more leads


Add your team members from multiple disciplines

You can add upto 3 team members for free if your slots for scheduling calls for one person gets full. If you want to add more than three members, you can easily do that for a small fee

Our most commonly asked questions.

What is xporium?

Xporium is the world's first 3D virtual exhibition platform with a vision to make global exhibitions accessible for everyone through the power of technology. The goal is to build a community of buyers and suppliers and connect them through virtual exhibitions.

How do we use xporium?

Visitors and Exhibitors can register for all of our upcoming expo after signing up via our early access program. To register yourself as a user, click here.

Is it really free?

Xporium is free for visitors to register for virtual events. And as an introductory offer, it is free to use for exhibitors as well until the platform is in its beta phase.

What is Wings?

Wings is our upcoming business referral program module which will allow business people to join an exclusive group of people within their city to generate leads and help grow their sales for each others' businesses.